Tibor Hollo Files To Increase Approved Height of One Bayfront Plaza Proposal


Tibor Hollo has filed a proposal to the FAA for their One Bayfront Plaza development, which will be an ultra-tall mixed-use tower in Downtown. The proposal is for a 1,044 ft mixed-use tower with residential units, office space, retail mall and hotel units. Construction would be scheduled to begin in January 2018. Plans had previously been approved for the project at 1,005 ft in 2015, but the developers seeks to go higher as FAA restrictions has eased since. The lot has quite a bit of history and has long been expected to be developed into one of the tallest buildings in Miami and an iconic part of the future Miami Skyline. Tibor Hollo has over 50 years of experience as a real estate developer in Miami including as the president of Florida East Coast Realty