Moshie Mana and the Wynwood Business Improvement District at Impasse Over Last Minute Changes

Photo via The Real Deal

Photo via The Real Deal

There has been a major shake-up between Moshie Mana and the Wynwood Business Improvement  District (BID) as the developer aims to shave off $7.5 million in funds that were allocated for public benefits. The BID estimates that the public may loose out on close to $30 million in public benefits in total due to the last minute changes. The two parties have been in intense negotiations for months and it had appeared that they had reached an agreement. The developers were also seeking looser development, building and zoning restrictions.  

“If the Mana team is determined to go through with these changes in their current form, I would recommend that we withdraw our support. That’s not to say that there aren’t other changes that can be negotiated. Perhaps they’ll come up with a new or modified plan.”

- David Polinsky, Chairman, BID Planning Committee 

Photo via The Real Deal

Photo via The Real Deal

The major parts of the development at risk are the order of development agreed upon, the Mana Commons public space and a $10 million pledge towards public benefits. Originally he would build at least 35% of the public cultural areas on the eastern half of the project which include the Mana Commons. Should he complete those milestones they would be able to build up to 24 stories in the west half of the project.  

Official Release:

Wynwood Business Improvement District (BID) Holds Special Board Meeting to Address Latest Zika Advisory and Attempt by Developer Moishe Mana to Deprive Wynwood of Millions of Dollars in Public Benefits

Dr. Lillian Rivera of Florida Department of Health to Address State’s Zika Response

Wynwood Community Dismayed that Developer Moishe Mana has Reneged on his Commitment to the Neighborhood

WHAT: The Board of the Wynwood Business Improvement District (BID) will host a special board meeting in which Dr. Lillian Rivera of the Florida Department of Health will discuss the latest advisory regarding Zika cases and how the government is addressing the issue in Wynwood.

The Wynwood BID will also seek answers from representatives of real estate developer Moishe Mana’s eleventh-hour changes to his Special Area Plan (“SAP”) proposal for a major Wynwood development project that may result in the neighborhood losing out on close to $30 million in public benefits, including more than $7 million in previously-agreed-to funds for the greater Wynwood area. These last-minute changes come after a year of negotiations with the Wynwood BID and at a time when the neighborhood is suffering significantly due to Zika-related issues.

WHO: Wynwood Business Improvement District (BID) Board
Dr. Lillian Rivera, Florida Department of Health, Miami-Dade Office
Representatives, Mana Wynwood project

WHEN: Wednesday, August 24, 2016
2:00 p.m.

WHERE: Wynwood BID Offices
310 Northwest 26th Street, Suite 1
Miami, FL 33127