Colombia No. 1 Country with Interest in South Florida Real Estate June 2016

Colombian Real Estate Investment Miami

Colombia has once again been named the country showing the most interest in South Florida real estate according to the Miami Association of REALTORS. June marked the 7th consecutive month that Colombia led as interest has shifted from Brazil which had single handedly saved the Miami real estate market over the last 8 years. Colombia is closely followed by Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina, although unstable governments and currencies have somewhat stunted investment from those countries over the past few months. Brazil has though since recovered to the 3rd spot after dropping to 5th earlier this year. Brazil had previously been the country with the most interest for 17 months. Colombians accounted for 10% of all residential home sales in South Florida to foreign nationals in 2015 with an average price of $516,000, a number only eclipsed by Venezuela (13%) and Brazil (12%). There has also been a resurgence of Canadian buyers as developers have begun to market their preconstruciton projects to Canada. The data was gathered by analyzing foreign nationals internet searches for properties and ranked. 

Miami Association of REALTORS Top 10 Countries Interested in South Florida Real Estate June 2016

  1. Colombia
  2. Venezuela
  3. Brazil
  4. Argentina
  5. Canada
  6. Spain
  7. India
  8. France
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Philippines