Whats the deal with Resort World Miami?

The proposed Resorts World Miami development has caused quite a stir over the past few years in Downtown Miami. Ambitious plans matched with high-profile lawsuits has pushed the project into a state of mystery and question. Genting originally paid $236 Million in 2011 for the Miami Herald Site and demolished the existing building in 2014. Since then not much has been heard from the developers besides stalls and lawsuits.  

The most recent news as to the project is that Resorts World Miami, the entity Genting operating under in Miami, has purchased the rights to build a 20-slip marina on the site from the Matheson Family. Additionally Resorts World Miami and Miami-Dade's Property Appraiser sued each other last year over property tax breaks that allowed the developer to save millions. Resorts World Miami then sued Miami-Dade to force the approval of slots and card games to the Omni Mall, which it also is the owning entity. Resorts World Miami was then sued by Prime Sites brokerage alleging that they are owned substantial commissions on the lease of the Boulevard Shops, currently under construction and located on Biscayne. A lease was signed and as per the contract Resorts World Miami received their 40-year certification on the aging development site, but failed to pay out commission s in regards to the executed leases. Resorts World Miami then signed a lease with their own subsidiary, Crystal Cruises, sparking further controversy. Only time will tell what the future holds for this amazing plot of land in between the MacArthur and Venetian Causeways.